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Sonny Reviews Hexult

Hexult Review

Hexult by Perry Aylen
Publisher: Skymirror Publishing 
Publication Date: May 12, 2011
Took the edge off.

The world is covered in ice. The only way to travel in Hexult is by boat.
Aulf is the mailman between the islands in Hexult and Ingar is his crew. One day on their way to deliver mail, Aulf and Ingar find a boat which has perished. Inside were twins Jacob and Elya; their father dead from the crash. When Aulf and Ingar take the twins in and help them, the four of them and the whole of Hexult dives into a world of adventure.
Raiders are around every corner, ready to jump on unsuspecting prizes. The islands are in shambles from the lack of trust and communication. Jacob and Elya seem to be a beacon of light in the ice covered darkness. They have brought with them the knowledge of science that is put into use to help the islands. But, the islands are not making the twin’s arrival welcome. They are suspicious people.
A small feud begins to breakout between the local wizard, Gabriel, and the twins. Because of Jacob and Elya’s strange knowledge science make the locals believe that they are new wizards. And Gabriel only fuels their flames to be back on top.
Finally, the islands begin to trust the strange newcomers, and with this trust comes a jump into the future. They people of Hexult that had once found the twins to be suspicious are now looking to them as almost saviors of their way of life.

My Thoughts:
First off, Hexult is not at my reading level or my particular taste in books. This book is more geared toward children and the middle school age group.
With that information out of the way, I do find the world of Hexult to be imaginative and enticing. Although, it did take me quite a few chapters before I was able to get the gist of the story and indulge in the characters. As the story went on and the more interesting Hexult started to become, the easier it was to lose myself in Perry Aylen’s words. But, I think that the world of Hexult could have been deeper, more exciting.
Aulf, one of the main characters is sweet and energetic. He captivates the audience with his never-ending generosity and love for Hexult. Ingar was just as equally interesting.
All in all, Hexult was an okay read.
But, do not hesitate to pick this one up for your children. They adventure and the magic of an unknown world will be sure to captivate a young person’s mind.

 My Rating:

 Took the edge off.

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