Who Am I?

Hi! I am Sonny. That's me.

I read. I pretty much compare my reading habits to an addiction. Only, I don't feel that this particular addiction needs to be contained. I don't know, maybe I'm in that denial stage...

Ever since I can remember, I have had my head in the clouds. For me, it was quite literal. My sisters, cousins, friends, and I spent a lot of our childhood in a fantasy world. Fantastical characters, magical worlds, and and powerful societies were at our fingertips, in the shape of our backyard and the woods where we lived. Many of our summers were filled with these fantastic worlds, consuming our imaginations.

But it wasn't until years later that I realized the power of a good book.

Ever since, I have had my stuck nose in one, only coming up for air when it was needed.

Today, my nose is buried into to one on most days.

Words have power.

So, what do I do when I am not reading, you ask? Well it's all basically simple. Here is my story.

I have a close family; a close nit community in itself. I spend as much time as possible as I can with my family. They are the best people in my world. I work as a Phonics teacher and childcare teacher by day. I consider working in childcare some of the best days of my life. Children are the world.

I am also married to an incredible man named Cohl. Look, that's us.

We married three years ago, and that is the day I like to think about as the first day of my life.

Now, we live in a small town in Wisconsin, the very same that we mostly grew up in. Funny how things work out.

We live happily with our sassy cats, Aracos and Jace, and are surrounded sweetly by love and books.