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Sonny Reviews- The Tribe

The Tribe by McCarty Griffin
Publication Date: May 1, 2011
Publisher: Smashwords
Source: Author (thanks!)

Goodreads Synopsis:
The tribe has been alone on the farm for many seasons, struggling to survive by their wits and will, unaided by the humans who abandoned them there years ago. Few members of the tribe outside of Tia, the eldest, and her fiercely loyal companion Bella, remember a time when two-legs--the cats' name for humans--lived in the farmhouse. Suddenly, the tribe's territory is invaded by a young two-legs couple, and the frightened cats ask themselves why have two-legs come to live there after so many seasons and what will happen to the tribe at the hands of these often cruel creatures?

My Thoughts:
The Tribe is an adorable sneak peek into the minds of a cat colony.

The tribe has lived at this old farm for many cat generations mostly undisturbed by human inhabitance. After the farm is sold to a young couple, the cat’s lives are seemingly turned upside down as these “two-legged” dealings begin to unravel. Tia and Bella, the tribe’s elders, keep a close eye on these new invaders to keep the tribe safe. Having only known human’s to be “evil and terrible” creatures, they are surprised when they begin to find food and water placed for them amongst the farm. For once, their bellies and those of their young are full. It becomes a struggle throughout the tribe on whether the newcomers could be trusted.

After an incident between the elders and coyotes, they begin to realize that the two-legs are not trying to overrun them, but are helping the tribe in ways that keep them healthy and safe. A small bond is finally formed.

This story warmed me right to my core. I love the idea that the author wrote this book from the view of the cats and the humans. It gave a wonderful depth to the actual storyline. Not only were you seeing the cats converse amongst themselves and speculate what the humans could be up to, but you were also given the chance to hear what the humans were actually doing. They are trying to keep the tribe healthy, yet the cats see them as a threat to their way of life.
Along with the different viewpoints of the characters, there is also much information that I learned about being humane to cats, how to care for cats in certain situations, and also what a kitty could be thinking and why they act the way they do.  Once during the book when Susan and Rob, the young couple, were discussing different breeds of dogs to keep the cats safe, I found myself looking the dog up on the internet to see exactly what it looked like! I enjoyed the facts given throughout the story in a way that incorporated it into the happenings.

Although the direction of the story was not always evident, it did eventually become clear that it was a story of trust between two different species.  And, I would have loved to know how the Tribe and the couple eventually got along after the story did end. Did the trust blossom into a relationship fit for both the cats and the human’s? I guess these are the cliffhangers that we as readers endure after a good story end.

The Tribe was a fantastic book for readers of all ages. It is especially an excellent read for children. a

Favorite Character: Daca

Least Favorite Character: I like them all!

A Lil Quote: "Great mouse droppings! It's monstrous! What do we do?"  

My Rating:

 Adorable :}

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