Monday, January 16, 2012

Author Interview: Elizabeth Issacs & "15 Things People Don't Know About Me"

Elizabeth Issacs is the author for The Light of Asteria and The Secret of the Keepers. You can learn more about her novel on her Goodreads Page and also her website.

15 Things People Don’t Know About Me

15. I hate brussel sprouts.

14. I was in a drum and bugle corps when I was in college.

13. I sometimes cuss like a dockside sailor.

12. I like the quiet as much as I do listening to music.

11. When someone is being rude or aggressive, I start singing “I know a man named Michael Finnegan” in my head and completely tune out anything they have to say.

10. I don’t watch TV often.

9. I hate roller coasters.

8. I can’t stand gossip, and I’ll often walk away from conversations that are leading to it.

7. I love dogs but really don’t care for cats.   

6. I like to put milk duds in my popcorn when we go to the movie theater.

5. I like to sing opera more than I like to watch it.

4. I’m a football fanatic.

3. I’m a chronic re-reader ... to a fault. Every book I like I read at least twenty times. It’s ridiculous, really.

2. I love to be on a boat ... as long as I can see the shoreline.

1. I dream in color. 

I enjoyed learning more about you, Elizabeth. Thanks so much! 

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE The Kailmeyra series!!! They are some of the most unique and well-written stories I've ever read. Elizabeth is an amazing author!