Monday, May 2, 2011

Review- City of Fallen Angels

City of Fallen Angels
By Cassandra Clare
Published by:  Margaret K. McElderry
Pages: 432 

What a welcome back to The Mortal Instrument Series! I was very excited to be an owner of City of Fallen Angels. These are my thoughts.
  This book began a tab slow for my liking. But, after some brief flashbacks to better connect the book to City of Glass, the storyline soon picked up some speed into the highly anticipated and long awaited fourth book that I have been eagerly awaiting.
Hot and sexy encounters, a sneaky love triangle (my lips are zipped!), and clever twist after another, spins an intriguing book that so many have been waiting for.
  Jace and Clary have an electric relationship. Clary is still the spitfire that make her Clary. I did find myself a tad frustrated with Jace in this book. He was down on himself as always, but his quick witted remarks did not come as quickly as they did in the book before. But on the plus side, he is still the Jace that we all fell in love with, and well, fantasize about from time to time. 
  Simon grew in leaps and bounds as a character. He is still the nerdy, good ole Simon that we want to be our best friends, but his character had so much more dimension when he was given his own voice.
  Isabelle was just to die for. She show a softer, more vulnerable side that is intriguing to see. 
I was also happy to see that Maia gained somewhat of a status among our beloved characters. I love her warm yet bad-ass attitude!
   City of Fallen Angels takes the world of Shadowhunters to an all new territory. A new (somewhat...) villain befalls on our cast in a way that might leave you angry. I know that I was saying "OMG" after the very last line. But, the ending is such a huge cliff hanger that you can not resist the aching need to have the next book in your hand, under your greedy eyes.
   I felt so many emotions throughout this book that I can not even begin to explain! I am Addicted!

I could not put this down!

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