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Sonny Reviews- The Probability of Miracles

The Probability of Miracles by Wendy Wunder
Publication Date: December 8, 2011
Publisher: Razorbill
Pages: 336
Source: Around The World Tours- ARC

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Goodreads Synopsis

Dry, sarcastic, sixteen-year-old Cam Cooper has spent the last seven years in and out hospitals. The last thing she wants to do in the short life she has left is move 1,500 miles away to Promise, Maine - a place known for the miraculous events that occur there. But it's undeniable that strange things happen in Promise: everlasting sunsets; purple dandelions; flamingoes in the frigid Atlantic; an elusive boy named Asher; and finally, a mysterious envelope containing a list of things for Cam to do before she dies. As Cam checks each item off the list, she finally learns to believe - in love, in herself, and even in miracles.

A debut novel from an immensely talented new writer, The Probability of Miracles crackles with wit, romance and humor and will leave readers laughing and crying with each turn of the page.

My Thoughts

I am having a hard time trying to find the right words to say about this book. I found it gripping, funny, tearful, snarky, frustrating; pretty much so many emotions in one book that is hard to pinpoint exactly how I feel.

Cam has cancer and is dying. She is incredibly witty, snarky, but also very negative. I love Cam as a character. She kept the book interesting and funny, when it had the capability to become very emotional. She really kept it light and dealt with her cancer in a fun, yet depressing way. I was sad that she had lost her hope, and didn’t believe that miracles could happen. She was by far one of my favorite characters.

I find Cam’s family amazing. Her mother is at times a little crazy, and her sister is kind of sassy and adorable. But, they both gave up their lives in Florida to move all the way to Maine to try and give Cam some hope on her life. That is amazing to me. I would like to think that my family would do the same for me, and hope that other families would do the same. I was so frustrated with Cam for not realizing how her family was trying to help her at first. I was glad that she does eventually begin to realize what they gave up to help her.

I think my favorite part about the whole book was the romance between Asher and Cam. At first, Cam tried to keep her distance, and even seemed a little shy toward Asher. Cam, shy?? How does this happen? Their friendship blossoms into like, and eventually into love. They share some completely adorable and romantic times together. When they go skinny dipping is a wonderful and colorful scene.

Promise was an amazing sort of town; purple dandelions, flamingos in the snow, never ending sunsets. It is definitely the type of town that I am dying to visit. They way Wendy wrote the town was beautiful and magical.
This is the type of story that I would not normally choose to read. Cancer, dying; it is not really my cup of tea. Yes, I am a happily ever after type of gal. But, I am completely grateful that I decided to take a chance on it.

The Probability of Miracles is an amazing read about life, family, hope, and love. It is a story that I am sure to not forget anytime soon.

Favorite Character: Cam and Asher, as a couple

Least Favorite: None

Quote: pg.145 “’See what I mean about the damsel-in-distress thing?’ said Cam. ‘I think it’s a problem for you. You’re like a help-aholic,’ she said, catching her breath as he hoisted her to shore and made sure she got her footing.’”


Karen @ Book Light Graveyard said...

Sigh. I really want to read this one. Mostly because the town sounds so cool. And now your review has me wanting to read it even more...

Jaskirat@SeeitORreadit said...

I want to read this one soooooooo bad!!!! The characters and romance sound really sweet. I'm not a big fan of emotional reads but this one is very alluring. thanks for the awesome review :)

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