Friday, April 29, 2011

TGIF (1)

TGIF is a Friday feature hosted by the fabulous Ginger at GReads! to recap the week on your blog and to answer a fun question.
This Week's Question! 

Stand-alone vs. Series: What's Your Stance?
I am a Series Lover! Very, very addicted!
I have found that I tend to gravitate toward the book series. The characters seem to have more depth, the worlds more interesting. Beware!  If you are as addicted to reading as I am (which I am going to just assume) your will grow to be very attached to the characters. Tears are almost inevitable, so you should always keep a spare tissue box close.
A very odd sensation of jealousy also occurs from time to time when I find that someone else has also read the same book and loves it almost as much as I do. But, I push those thought down quickly. I am honored to share my excitement of the stories with others. No green monster for this girl! Well, at least I try...
 Don't get me wrong, I do enjoys single books from time to time. I am always left a little sad though, after I read that very last word in a book that I deeply enjoyed, and then think that the story ends there. Zippo, zilch, done. Our lives go on from year to year, I is only natural to wonder, "What happened next?". 

Happy Shooting, Junkies!

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