Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cover Crazy (4)

Cover Crazy is a meme created by The Book Worms. It is all about giving notice to the beautiful, interesting, and sometimes crazy covers of our fave books! 

As I Wake by Elizabeth Scott

My fav part of this cover has to be the girl. She seems to be in absolute torment, and is almost unwilling to open her eyes. It is a great visual effect for the description of the book.

The text for the title is just gorgeous.

The girls hair looks like smoke, billowing with the lost memories of Ava (main character).

The colors of the cover resemble fire, eating away at Ava's mind.
I have a strong feeling that As I Wake will find its way to my WOW. We will see!

What cover made you crazy this week??

Happy Shooting, Junkies!


Andrea said...

This is a great cover. I love the colors, font, and the smoke hair. Nice choice!

Reading Lark's Cover Crazy

Sonny said...

Thanks Andrea!